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The following are brief descriptions of some of the sites and marine life you can expect to see:-

~ Kapalai, Mandarin Valley: Slope to about 20 metres, hard corals then sand with small underwater mound. This dive site has its name from a dragonet that can be found there and that has a beautiful color like the clothes of the Chinese mandarins. It lives during the day under the spines of sea urchins. Go out to the small underwater mound - there were several leaf fish there last time. Leaf fish can shed their skin and in such a way adjust to the surrounding reef. I saw one, where some yellow ascidians were growing on his skin right over the eye. There is also a mushroom coral (Heliofungia a.) on the sand with some white anemone pipefish (Siokunichthys n.) living inside.
~ Kapalai, Ray Channel: This is a sandy channel with the reef on one side. The special fish, you find here and nowhere else in Mabul is the dragon fish (Pegasus). This small animal lives in pairs on sand and feeds on invertebrates. There are some leaf fish; a spiny devilfish lives close by and there is a small baby-angelfish.